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Caesarism, Nazism, Stalinism, absolute monarchy, absolutism, arbitrariness, argumentum baculinum, aristocracy, autarchy, authoritarianism, autocracy, autonomy, benevolent despotism, big battalions, big stick, bond service, bondage, brute force, captivity, coalition government, colonialism, commonwealth, constitutional government, constitutional monarchy, control, czarism, debt slavery, democracy, deprivation of freedom, despotism, dictatorship, disenfranchisement, disfranchisement, domination, domineering, dominion rule, duarchy, duumvirate, dyarchy, enslavement, enthrallment, fascism, federal government, federation, feudal system, feudalism, feudality, force, garrison state, gerontocracy, heavy hand, helotism, helotry, heteronomy, hierarchy, hierocracy, high hand, home rule, indentureship, iron boot, iron hand, iron heel, kaiserism, limited monarchy, main force, martial law, meritocracy, militarism, military government, mob rule, mobocracy, monarchy, monocracy, naked force, neocolonialism, ochlocracy, oligarchy, one-man rule, one-party rule, oppression, pantisocracy, paternalism, patriarchate, patriarchy, peonage, physical force, police state, pure democracy, regency, reign of terror, representative democracy, representative government, republic, restraint, rule of might, self-determination, self-government, serfdom, serfhood, servility, servitude, slavery, social democracy, steamroller, stratocracy, subjection, subjugation, suppression, technocracy, terrorism, thearchy, theocracy, thought control, thrall, thralldom, totalitarian government, totalitarian regime, totalitarianism, totality, triarchy, triumvirate, ultima ratio, vassalage, villenage, welfare state

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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